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Spring is a perfect time for hot sex

‘Tis the season for sex!

Spring has come! Let’s party! 😜

Ahhhh, spring. A time when thoughts roam more freely towards love, romance, and sex!

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”

Famous poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson.

And, just like trees coming alive or flowers waking from their winter dormancy, many of us probably notice that the people around us seem more interested in romance, flirt more, and are more prone to want to engage in sexual activity.

So, what is the influence of season on sex? Psychologists suggest: (click here to read more from a psychologist doing interesting research on human interpersonal relations and female sexuality)  {references detailed below if you have passion for reading more}

Highest levels of intercourse are in spring & summer!

So, if you are feeling the urge, right now, you are not alone!🤔

Lowest levels of intercourses are in winter!

Winter is done! Time for catch up sex … now!💋

Most intercourse occurred Friday and Saturday (with Sunday the most infrequent)

So, if you prefer less of a crowd … get into the Lollipop Lounge Sunday to Thursday – for best sex, best service, best girls, at your best brothel!☺️

But, if you like the bustle of activity, parties or even sharing with your mates, you may prefer Friday and Saturday nights … when Canberra’s favourite brothel opens till very very late!😜

Historically (1778-1940) late winter has peak birth rate … and summer lowest

The pattern suggests peak conception period is late spring and early summer. At Lolli’s Lollipop Lounge, our girls are always highly aroused … and right now, they are hitting their sexual peak … so get into Canberra’s best brothel quick, quick and enjoy some of that glow that comes with hot spring time sex!😜

(Note: since 1974, the seasonal pattern has shifted, with peak birth rate in late summer … humans plan their pregnancy more than ever before … explaining the shift … but our inner urge, remains the same … sex, sex and more sex in Spring and Summer! 👍)

More semen per ejaculation … in Spring!

Seasonal studies also show men produce more sperm in spring. So, if your boys are feeling tender, a little sensitive … it’s probably because they are extra full of sperm! Therefore, you need an extra burst of sexual therapy at Canberra’s best brothel, Lollipop Lounge in Fyshwick with the best girls, best courtesans, experienced at helping you relieve those sexual tensions and give your boys some much needed release! 😈😜

These are only some of the ways that seasonality impacts on sexuality – fascinating yes?

But the best news, whatever the season, whatever your libido, Lollipop Lounge, will make sure you get great sex, new energy, feel rejuvenated every time, at Canberra’s best brothel, best bordello – come say hello … enjoy today! 💋

Best brothel for spring sex Lollipop Lounge



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